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Lemniscaat was first performed in Bergen N.H. in 1983 in the hall of an old cinema that was not used anymore and which was knocked down in later years. Without any furniture or interior decoration and the wooden floor boards in full view the hall looked like a ballet studio. The screen that was still there was used for showing colour slides: eighty more or less stylised images of the manuscript of the score that was used by the musicians were shown.

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Incantatie IV

The procedure in this composition could be compared to the sequence of prints of one and the same picture that are created in a printing office. In that case the successive colours are applied in a series of printing actions. In the same way the various ‘layers’ in this score are added the one after the other, or are left out. All layers are of the same importance and serve alternately as main issue or side issue. Domination and giving way alternate, as do primary colours and secondary colours. Solo performed music and just being silent also alternate.

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