Oct 2015

Crowdfunding starts!

Schermafbeelding 2015-10-13 om 13.32.39

New version symphonic orchestra!
Adopt one of the 106 section of Canto Ostinato.

On May13 and 14, 2016 The Hague Philharmonic will perform the world premiere of the ochestrated version of Canto Ostinato. This famous work of Simeon ten Holt will be arranged by Anthony Fiumara. Everyone is invited to adopt one of the sections to make this version possible.

Donemus and the Hague Philharmonic cooperate in this project. Every donation has great rewards. When adopting a section your name will be added to the special edition of the score and you can join the meet-the-artist after the concert.

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Mijn Canto Ostinato
Donations and rewards


Music lecture

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Canto Ostinato – why is it so popular?

"Canto Ostinato - the most famous work of Simeon ten Holt - is appreciated, not only by those who are used to listen to classical music. Why that? What is the connecting element in this music? And why did many other composers and musicians, criticize this composition while many others embrace it?"

Sunday, November 1 2015, 13:30 - 14:30h
Entrance: € 7,50
Speaker: Mw. H. (Hieke) van Hoogdalem
Location: Agneshove, Amsterdam
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Free lunch concert

Today Jeroen and Sandra van Veen will give a lunch concert with Canto Ostinato at TivoliVredenburg. Free entrance!

This concert is part of the NPO Radio 4 Hart&Ziel Llst. A list in which Canto Ostinato by Simeon ten Holt has a high ranking. No wonder, the repetitive notes of Simeon ten Holt put the listener into higher spheres. Sandra and Jeroen van Veen are well known for their performances of Canto Ostinato and other works of Simeon ten Holt.
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